Positive Experiences

I am proud to serve the birthing needs of anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout the pregnancy and birth process.


Tiffani was a great help. she is very patient and considerate of the situations you are in and compliments her actions in response to yours. she ensured that we not only had privacy but we could trust her with thoughts and suggestions surrounding us and our baby 

-pritam (father)

Tiffani is very friendly. she is an awesome doula. she understands the persons needs and wants and proved serves accordingly. you can discuss what you expect. she is helpful and I highly recommend her. 

-shilpi (birthing mother)


I had a baby back in October, and while I was extremely glad for the hospital setting, I was also extremely glad for  Tiffani Clausen! She's was a major help during delivery and for the HOUR of stitching I endured post-delivery. She is calming, helps you focus, provides relief to a laboring mom and the family, is available to run errands for food if needed, rubs tired back muscles, and is a great verbal encourager. Even if you have an amazing OB, they're not there for your whole birth....a doula is, and she's also an excellent advocate for helping people stick with your birth plan. I strongly encourage every pegnant momma to check out her services, and that of doulas in general. ❤️

Lisa (birthing mother)


We really appreciated having Tiffani support us for the birth of our second child. During our initial meeting Tiffani asked questions that I hadn’t yet thought of, even being a second time mom anticipating my second unmedicated birth. She walked both myself and my partner through a variety of coping techniques and we discussed what worked best for me and at what stage of my labor.
Tiffani was a calming presence during labor and an excellent listener. She provided support, suggestions and held space for me at the times when I needed each of those things. I truly enjoyed working with her for this incredibly special and wonderfully challenging event.

Sarah (birthing mother)

Birthing Centre Room


Dear Parents,

In my journey through my first pregnancy, birth and postpartum, my son, and I were so lucky to have support from Tiffani Clausen. 

            During the interview process I knew right away that Tiffani was someone I felt very confident with and that I absolutely needed as part of my team. 

            My own mother passed away years ago and my sisters are all living several hours travel away so I was looking for someone who could fill in some of the gaps with some maternal wisdom and up to date evidence-based education. Tiffani was able to do all that and more, she was with me at the hospital through hours of labor with a down-to-earth presence. She offered ideas for birthing positions, reminded me that I always had choices and asked extra questions when I was not able to speak well for myself.

            Then after I was home she made several visits to come to provide help with breastfeeding, newborn behavior/needs, she answered all my questions, provided much needed encouragement and I knew I could trust her with my little one while I got some sleep. 

If you are looking for someone experienced, gentle and full of womanly wisdom you could not choose anyone better!


Caroline (birthing mother)