A Bit About Me


“I want to help create a positive environment and experience as you welcome your baby into your arms. My passion is to help you feel confident in the decisions you make and facilitate in providing a safe and relaxing space. I want to be there to remember your birth preferences’ for you, suggest positions to help with the rotation of your baby and comfort, help you advocate for yourself as needed, provide physical, emotional and informational support so you can feel communicated and informed throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period!”

Tiffani’s love for childbirth started as a young girl. As she watched her mother give birth at home to her three younger sisters, she was fascinated with the power she witnessed. As an adult, it was natural for Tiffani to assume a support role for her sister as she labored and birthed her two sons. When her sister’s second birth did not go as planned, Tiffani had the honor of supporting her during the healing process from an emergency caesarean birth. During her own labor, Tiffani had an abundance of care from her three sisters, mom, and partner. As she watched women gather, Tiffani’s desire to be a part of this empowering passage in life was awakened.  She believes each step of the birthing journey is beautiful, even when the unexpected happens. She works to help women and families feel informed, confident, and at peace in the decisions they are making during their birth experience. She strives to support and empower women to embrace and believe in the strength they have within them. 
Tiffani’s goal, with her quiet and calm nature, is to hold space. Her ability to be calm and focused in a busy and otherwise hectic environment brings about peace and comfort to the birthing person and their support team. She wants the families she works with to feel comfortable and know their options throughout their journey. Through the 8 years Tiffani has been supporting births, she has had the honor of working with a variety of women and birthing experiences. She has been a support during high-risk births, including VBAC'S and chronic illness, as well as low risk births. And has worked with birthing persons of varying ages, those with pets they are introducing to their new baby, birthing persons that want their other children present during birthing time, hypno-birthing /babies families, single moms, large families, families with language barriers, adoption, and birthing persons without a birth partner. she has supported births in homes, hospitals and birth centers. As your doula, she looks forward to being a part of your support team.
Tiffani began pursuing her professional path as a birth doula in May of 2018 after finding her passion of supporting women throughout the years.  She trained at Portland Doula Love in Portland, Oregon and attended Portland Doula Loves 2018 Mentorship. 
Tiffani, the oldest of six children, grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She has settled with her partner, Jeremiah, in Oregon City. Their greatest joy is raising their daughter, and spending time with their dog. Tiffani loves playing outdoors, exploring her family history, and spending time with her large extended family. Her heart is for women and their partners as they walk through their birth and into a new chapter of life.

Acupressure for birth

Portland Doula Love 6 month mentorship 

DONA international approved training through Portland Doula love

Placenta encapsulation training

Basic breastfeeding training (breastfed her own child for 3+ years)

Professional training in pregnancy and infant loss

Professionally trained Hypno-Doula with Hynobabies®

Spinning babies workshop